Agnes Grey Read-Along: Introduction Post

Agnes_Grey_coverAgnes Grey is the debut novel of Anne Bronte and it was first published in 1847 under the pen name Actor Bell. It is mainly based on the writer’s experiences as governess and it is considered to be one of the classics of English literature.

Plot: It is the story of Agnes Grey, a governess and her experiences working for two families in Victorian England.

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Agnes Grey Read-Along


I am writing this quick post to let you know that I am planning to take part to the Agnes Grey Read-Along hosted by Becksa. 

I am really excited about this since it is my very first read-along and I solemnly swear to try to keep up with it. I have been meaning to read Agnes Grey for ages so I think that this is the perfect opportunity to do so. I hope a lot of people will take part in it and that we will have some nice conversations about the book.

The hashtag you should use if you want to join the conversation is #AggieGrey and these are the dates you need to keep in mind: Continue reading Agnes Grey Read-Along

The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy (review)

The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy
The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy

Stars: ***** 2/5

The Woodlanders is a novel by Thomas Hardy and it was serialised from May 1886 to April 1887 in Macmillan’s Magazine and published in three volumes in 1887.  It is not well-known as are other of his books, but to the best of my knowledge it is regarded as one of Hardy’s major novels and, according to Wikipedia, it is considered Continue reading The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy (review)

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